Create Hand-Drawn Presentations
That Stick!

Whiteboard is the first Add-on for Slider Revolution that lets you create
understandable, memorable, engaging and interactive whiteboard animations.

The best part is, that Whiteboard is
100% free if you purchased Slider Revolution already.

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Animated Whiteboard presentations are able to deliver ideas in a natural way by showing bits of information step by step.


Despite being generated digitally, Whiteboard presentations have a very "analogue" feel to them which makes it easier for your audience to remember your product.


Compared to other Whiteboard presentation tools, "Whiteboard for Slider Revolution" is not playing as a video but stays fully dynamic and allows the viewer to interact with the presentation!

How to use Whiteboard
for Slider Revolution

1 "Add-ons" Tab

Right after installing the Whiteboard add-on, you are ready for action! Here you can read how to
install add-ons.

2Select "Whiteboard"

Select a layer you would like to add the Whiteboard effect to, and configure the options.

3"Draw" Layers

The "Draw" setting allows you to let layers appear like they are being drawn. You can configure "Jitter" and hand movement to create your desired effect!

4 "Write" Text

The "Write" setting is only available for text layers and creates a great illusion of your texts being written by hand! Similar to the "Draw" effect you can configure the animation to your liking.

5"Move" Layers

Using the "Move" setting you can move-in or reveal any layer. Another cool effect for a kinetic animated whiteboard!

6Advanced Options

In the slider settings you will also find a "Whiteboard" tab, on the right. This is where all the default settings and advanced goodies are found!

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