100% Free for our Customers

Slider Revolution offers cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of whats possible in Web-Design.
In order to expand on this idea, we are offering Add-Ons that open up completely new, specialized solutions to our customers. 100% free if you own a Slider Revolution license.

How to Install Add-Ons?

WordPress Gallery

This Add-On will allow you to display your standard WordPress galleries using any Slider Template that is setup as "post-based".

Slide Backups

Do you know this problem: You made changes to a slide, hit the save button on accident and left the editor? This won't be a problem with the slide backup add-on which automatically creates revisions of your saved slides.

Related Posts

In blogs or portfolios it's often cool to see what other posts are available. With this Add-On its possible to show a related posts slider on a single WordPress post page.


Whiteboard is the first Add-on for Slider Revolution that lets you create understandable, memorable, engaging and interactive whiteboard animations.

Typewriter Effect

The Typewriter Effect Add-On adds the ability to have your text-layers appear like typed on the fly. There are many options to play around with!

Social Sharing

Our Social Sharing Add-On will allow you to directly share the current page or a specific link on common social media channels.

Coming Soon

The Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin is a super easy way of showing a slider page with countdown to visitors while you are working on your website.

Particle Effects

Our Particle Effects Add-On allows for highly customizable particle effect on top of Sliders or hero blocks.

Polyfold Effects

Add polygon angle effects to your sliders as they scroll into and out of view. Tons of options are available!

Adjacent Posts

With the Adjacent Posts Add-On you can create a custom Slider that displays links to next/previous posts, if added to a posts page.


The Filmstrip Add-On can show a continuously rotating set of images on one or more slides of your slider.


Build a custom 404 "Page not found" slider that is displayed in your WordPress theme, whenever a page tries to be reached that is not available.

Post Featured Slider

With this Add-On you can show a featured Slider instead of a featured image in your blogs posts.

Login Page

Create a custom WordPress login page within Slider Revolution for some extra level of customization.


Slice 'em up nicely!
Create image slices of your background pictures and add stunning 3D-Parallax effects to them.

Before & After

Create interesting Before & After presentations that can seamlessly transition between two content levels with a draggable slider.


Allows to dynamically display the weather of a city including tons of different attributes. Information can be set to update live on a running slide!


Easily create interactive 360° panorama scenes and sliders. Note: Requires the usage of equirectangular images.


Reveal your slider or hero with unique effects and 14 new preloaders! Customize timings & colors easily.


Choose between 30 different duotone filters to add as a special effect to your Slider Revolution modules.

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